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When it comes to pharmacy export, having a reliable and trustworthy supplier partner is essential for ensuring the quality of the products being exported

Pharma Companies

The commercial businesses and chains of organizations taking up the healthcare essentials as drugs and medicines aiming to cure targetted abnormalities by researching, developing, marketing, and/or distributing medications under licensed and certified credentials fall under the broad spectrum of Pharmaceutical companies.

zydus pharma


Rooted in India, ‘Zydus Lifesciences Limited, a Multinational Pharmaceutical company formerly known as Cadila Healthcare Limited with headquarter in Ahmedabad boasts its 100th ranked in the Fortune India 500 List in 2020, engaged in manufacturing generic drugs is now in the highs of the market after magnificent spanning of 27 years leading in the industry.

Next Wave Pharma

Primarily aiming at the complex treatments of Central Nervous systems, NextWave Pharmaceuticals, Inc. masters in researching, developing, and primarily marketing drugs under licensed productions aiming at tremendous development. The company also specializes in researching and developing drugs for critical mental abnormalities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Animal Health at the very large.

theon pharma

Theon Pharma

Known by its name ‘Theon or the Godlike’ in the Pharmaceutical markets, this company boasts its prestigious recognition by the Quality of its productions in the healthcare spectrum. Tracing the data to date, the company on average meets or even so generally exceeds the Current Goods Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) norms highlighting its existence in the market in bold letters. Alongside its high-end qualitative productivity, the company continues to invest and collaborate in ensuring the superlative skillsets, processes, equipment, and healthcare of people and at the very same, positively reflecting its position at the brim of the entire market.

Premium standards and finest quality products are the golden factors of Theon Pharma ensuring the authenticity of products by meeting the relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements.

Holden Pharma

Leading the industry by catering the formulation in International markets, Holden Medical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture with the prestigious and renowned European company, Holden Medical b.v hailing from the Netherlands. Mastering in the background of researching developing and then marketing at the front end, this company reigns in exporting formulations in broad therapeutic segments including Antibiotics, Vitamins, Anti-psychotics, Anticlericals, Antipyretics, Antiulcers, Antihistamines, and many others.

Established and spanned since 1996, Holden Pharma altogether boasts the production and trade of Tablet manufacturing, syrups, capsules, Tablets, and other drug forms in an efficient and qualitative manner under the prime regulations of licensed productions.

holden pharma
Medex Pharma UK

Medex Pharma UK

Rooted in The United Kingdom, Medex pharma majors in the production and distribution of medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical entities with a prime focus on standards and quality assurance. Highlighting the goals as deadline and time management with a strong cover of building a trustworthy relationship with its clients, the company has marked its existence as one of the leading businesses in the market, the credit being served to the efficient and sterling marketing and management strategies.

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